Valley of Wisconsin

valley of wisconsin home page

Wisconsin is known for its beautiful wilderness and scenery. We have great news for all of you nature-lovers out there: you can now experience it right from your own backyard!

Introducing Valley of Wisconsin, a leader and innovator in designing quality, custom decks, pergolas, gazebos, arbors, and more. They are truly the experts in outdoor living comfort.

With their passion for good design, you will be blown away by Valley of Wisconsin’s outdoor creations! Make sure to check out the site and make it your first stop when designing your perfect outdoor experience!

Get Fit with JustineFit!

It’s almost the beginning of the new year, and you know what that means… time to get fit!

Head on over to JustineFit.com to discover a plethora of different workouts, lifestyle tips, and delicious, healthy recipes that you can start incorporating into your routine today. Justine will help you achieve your BEST SELF, for a happier, healthier you! (more…)

SMART Defenses

When it comes to protecting and saving your life or the life of someone who is important to you, it is extremely wise to have a multi-step plan that you are always ready to use. Former FBI Agent and martial arts expert Jim Lees has worked with ICS to create a site intended to teach you just that.

SMARTDefenses.com (more…)

Newport Network Solutions

A web redesign project for our good friends at Newport Network Solutions. This site features a custom responsive WordPress theme and a project portfolio that shows off the company’s latest work. Have a visit and check it out!

Captain McGiblet’s Book of Nautical Secrets

Yes, ICS has been getting into app development!

One of our first projects was the creation of “Captain McGiblets Book of Nautical Secrets“, a CRM and project tracking tool. Built on MeteorJS and React, this web app is blazing fast and fun to use! (more…)

225so Mia Familia – Restaurant WordPress theme

Looking for some great, “scratch” food in downtown Waukesha? Well, you’re in luck! We just worked with Wuakesha local Chef Tomas on a custom restaurant WordPress theme for 225so Mia Famiglia!

Featuring images of Chef Tomas’ mouth-watering dishes on each page refresh, you can also check out a full, online menu as well as keep up to date with the restaurant’s current specials.

Visit 225so.com today!

evcValuation on WordPress

We recently finished creating a site for our friends over at evcValuation. This is a custom-designed WordPress theme which includes some cool functionality for managing a collection of PDF documents and resources.

Check it out at evcValuation.com!

RealWealth Marketing

Though WordPress originally started out as a blogging platform, it has become a very popular and versatile tool for building any kind of website and even web applications! RealWealth® Marketing is a good example of really expanding WordPress’s default capabilities. (more…)

Andersen Plumbing, Inc

Sometimes building out an entire CMS is a little overkill when a client just needs a simple solution for maintaining their web presence and receiving messages from customers and prospects… and Andersen Plumbing, Inc. needed just that! (more…)

Heal Live Thrive Coaching – Exploring SVG Animation!

One of the biggest trends in web nowadays is the combination of CSS animation and SVG graphics to create interesting UI transitions and animated elements. SVGs are great because they are lightweight and you can scale them to any size and they will always looks clean and crisp. As it is comprised of XML markup, the other great thing about SVGs is that you can select it’s elements and animated them. (more…)