SMART Defenses

SMART Defenses SMART Defenses

When it comes to protecting and saving your life or the life of someone who is important to you, it is extremely wise to have a multi-step plan that you are always ready to use. Former FBI Agent and martial arts expert Jim Lees has worked with ICS to create a site intended to teach you just that.

As it says on the cover, you will learn:

The best ways to protect Yourself People You Love and Your Property

As well as a training guide on protecting oneself, the SMART Defenses site provides the equipment necessary. Available to you in the SMART Defenses Shop is a wide variety of useful personal protection devices and deterrents,  gear, as well as video training tutorials.

SMART Defenses: Personal Protection Devices SMART Defenses: Personal Protection Devices

SMART Defenses: Self Defense SMART Defenses: Self Defense