Managing Your Google Account Privacy

There are many reasons to have a Google account (think Gmail, Google Maps, Chromecast, etc.) and therefore most people have one. Everyone should know by now that Google is collecting a massive amount of personal data when using their services or devices, but everyone may not know that much of this data can now be controlled or deleted by the user. Read on for a detailed walk-through on what you can control and delete from your Google account.

Trinity Kenosha – Progressive Web App

A few months ago, we launched the shiny new Trinity Kenosha website. They also requested an app that would allow their congregation to have easy access to the latest bulletins, an event calendar, volunteer lists, and even video and audio sermons.

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The Latest Facebook Controversy

You have likely read or seen (many) reports on a recent Facebook controversy regarding the exploitation of Facebook user data.  Facebook states this was not a data breach in the traditional sense, as in hackers breaking into their network, which seems to be accurate.  However, Facebook is doing very little (if anything) to combat abuses by third party applications (think quizzes or games) that are also gathering and sharing your data.  Hopefully this latest controversy will lead to change.

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Neighborhood Theater Group – Movie Listing

Neighborhood Theater Group is the organization behind the amazing Avalon, Rosebud, and Times Cinemas in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Their site, which is created in Adobe Muse, has an ever-changing list of movies and showtimes, as well as online ticketing. In the past, these listings had to be updated by hand for all three websites. NTG came to us with the request of automating this task.

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