Are You Using Multi-Factor Authentication?


You should be. Multi-factor authentication (often referred to as MFA) is a simple way to add multiple layers of security to your accounts and logins.

Historically logging into an account requires a username and a password. Adding another “factor,” such as a PIN, makes hacking an account more difficult. For example, if someone gained access to your Facebook username and password while you have multi-factor authentication enabled, that person would not be able to login without access to an additional factor, typically a PIN or one-time use code.

Most major companies (think Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc.) now offer the option to enable multi-factor authentication and it is relatively easy to setup. Enable the feature on your account, then download an authenticator app (Google Authenticator for example) on your phone to generate one-time use codes for the account.

Multi-factor authentication is included with our new CompleteCloud model. Want to know more about multi-factor authentication and how it works? Read on for a detailed dive including further details on the benefits.