Managing Your Passwords

One of the biggest hassles in life is also one of the most important, managing passwords.  The sheer number of passwords any individual has to track has led the general population to use insecure passwords by making them too simple or by using the same password on multiple sites.

Eventually better technology will eliminate the need for passwords and in fact the major web browser designers are already working on this, but until that time, a password manager is in order.

There are many password management tools available with a wide array of features, some are free and some require a license.  One of the key features that historically has seemed difficult to attain is simplicity.  Well, we think we have the answer: Encryptr.

This free tool is very straight-forward and allows you to sync your password data between your desktop/laptop and your mobile devices all while using what is being described as “no knowledge cloud.” In simple terms, this means that no one besides you has the keys to your data, not even the service you’re storing your data with.

As noted, there are other products available including services that will generate random passwords for you and auto log you into websites, but if you are just looking to eliminate that note under your keyboard or the dozens of sticky notes in your cabinets, this tool will do the job and make it simple.  As always, if you need assistance, you know who to call!