ICS + CompleteCloud

What is included in the
CompleteCloud Platform?

Everything. CompleteCloud is a revolutionary platform which provides businesses their entire IT infrastructure, from data center to employee desk. Never buy another server or computer again.

Hardware Refresh

CompleteCloud includes a 100% hardware refresh for the entire organization. This includes: New Servers, New Virtual PCs, New Firewalls, Switches, Routers, New Thin Clients, New Monitors and Keyboards/Mice.

24/7 Support

Unlimited support, whenever you want: at home, at work, or on the road. CompleteCloud is here to support your company and resolve issues so you can stay focused on the business at hand. We deploy new users, implement new software, deal with pesky printers, provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance and assist with any hardware, software or user errors.

Private Cloud

CompleteCloud is the most secure private cloud solution on the market, giving you the flexibility of a dedicated environment with the security of enterprise level data centers.

Full Mobility

Access your entire Network from PCs, thin clients, laptops, tablets…and even phones. No need to worry about slowness or delays with VPNs or terminal servers.CompleteCloud leverages full 64B virtual computer and VDI to offer a high level performance from remote…just like you were in your office.

Unlimited Storage

Say goodbye to storage limitations. The enterprise and users have uncapped storage, and no additional fee.


CompleteCloud deploys a high level of physical and electronic security. This well engineered environment drastically reduces the surface area of attack with SSAE18 Data Centers, biometric access, server and edge firewalls, intrusion detection software, anti-malware, anti-spam, and active monitoring.

Internet Fees

Not only will we pay for your internet, we will manage the relationship with your internet service provider. Often times our customers get their internet upgraded with CompleteCloud.

Software Licenses

All Server licenses are included (Dedicated Exchange, SQL, File Server). Windows and Office for every user - included.

Disaster Recovery

CompleteCloud can withstand fire, tornado, lightening, hurricane, mudslide...pick your disaster, we are ready for it. In the event of a disaster – minor or major, environmental or technical, CompleteCloud has you covered with our redundant data centers with real time backup and tried and true disaster recovery solutions. We provide site and user device independence.