About Us


ICS is dedicated to providing technology solutions which enable operational efficiency for your business – always in the most cost effective manner. ICS will partner with you to enable your business vision. We are vastly scalable and leverage best practices gained from enterprise class experience. Our customers experience increased reliability and gain friendly, responsive support. ICS is designed to service your business needs with a personal touch.


ICS was founded in 2002 by a team of enterprise IT professionals with a passion for technology.  This passion led to the desire to bring innovations and services common in the enterprise world to markets that were often under-served or simply over-looked.  The ICS team began with a focus on the small office/home office (or SoHo) market.

After great success in the SoHo market, in 2004 the ICS team expanded its service offerings to include the medium-sized business market.  Along with this expansion came the new name and a new strategy focusing on providing small and medium-sized businesses with the feel of a true full-service “in-house” IT department.  This allowed customers to be more strategic with their technology and ICS to be more proactive in supporting it.

In 2008, ICS launched a promotional partnership with the Businertia Group (formerly AccountablIT).  The strategy was to meld the enterprise class experience of the ICS team with the enterprise class processes of the Businertia Group.  The strategy has proven successful and continues to drive both organizations today.

In 2015, leveraging over a decade of real-world experience and success, ICS now proudly serves and partners with 50+ employee offices and networks, down to sole proprietors – and everything in-between. ICS supports any type of business – if you use computers, ICS will help you simplify your technology, eliminate IT headaches and allow you to advance your business and bottom line growth.

For 2019 we are excited to announce our partnership with Avatara. Together we are offering the CompleteCloud platform, an all inclusive utility services model we are confident is the end game in protecting businesses from cyber attacks and ransomware.

About the Owners

Billy Sampson, Owner

Billy brings over 15 years of enterprise and SMB IT leadership experience to the core of ICS. He is the co-founder, and backbone of the ICS team. Billy has a bachelor’s degree in business and is a Certified Microsoft® Professional. He has been integral in all aspects of ICS, as well as in fostering successful partnerships, and promoting growth of businesses who have partnered with ICS.

Mark Nikolic, Owner

Mark brings over 14 years of information technology, and business management leadership experience with Fortune 10, global enterprise organizations to the services and foundation of ICS. He is a globally recognized leader, with proven results in structuring, streamlining, and enhancing all functionality of commerce both large and small.