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Billy Sampson
Billy SampsonOwner
Billy brings over 20 years of enterprise and SMB IT leadership experience to the core of ICS. He is the co-founder and backbone of the ICS team. Billy has a bachelor’s degree in business and is a Certified Microsoft® Professional. He has been integral in all aspects of ICS, as well as in fostering successful partnerships and promoting the growth of businesses who have partnered with ICS.
Mark Nikolic
Mark NikolicOwner
Mark brings over 19 years of information technology experience and business management leadership to the foundation of ICS. He is a globally recognized leader with experience in Fortune 10 and global enterprise organizations where he demonstrated proven results in structuring, streamlining, and enhancing all functionality of commerce both large and small.


ICS is dedicated to providing technology solutions that enable your business’s operational efficiency—always in the most cost-effective manner. ICS will partner with you to enable your business vision. We are vastly scalable and leverage best practices gained from enterprise-class experience. Our customers experience increased reliability and gain friendly, responsive support. ICS is designed to service your business needs with a personal touch.

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